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San Vicente Beach House



Private Client


2,200 sq.m.


San Vicente, Palawan


Masterplanning, Architecture and Interior Design

A Home Away From Home

This Spanish-inspired coastal home comprises of different structures to fit the needs of its users. The design exudes tropical island vibes, incoporating natural elements and earthy palettes , and embracing textured surfaces.

​The project features individual structures, namely, the main house, the reception building and staff quarters, the casitas - duplex and single, and the two pavilions - beach and pool. All the structures are designed to individually stand alone, as well as harmoniously coexist with each other.

​The main beach house comprises of a portico, foyer, kitchen, two dining rooms, an entertainment room, and four bedrooms. Designed to be a getaway of all sorts, the main house caters to every need a person can ask for on a beach trip.  The team worked with the available, locally sourced materials such as abaca, driftwood, and limestone.

​The interiors offer a warm, homey vibe that is sure to make the fondest memories during the users’ stay. The areas aim to prioritize a sense of calm, like a home away from home.

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