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Patio Pacific Boracay



Charlex International




Station 1, Balabag Beach, Boracay


Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Design

Almost thirty years since its original development, the team behind Patio Pacific Boracay (formerly Pink Patio) sought out Plaza + Partners to re-design the 65-room boutique hotel with a refreshing, hip and modern concept tailored to cater to the current market.

To maximize the potential of the building envelope, vertical elements are introduced throughout the facade of the development to break the monotony of its horizontal configuration.

The interiors tell a story of a ship setting sail. Textured walls represent the infamous white sand beaches of Boracay Island, the pops of accent color evoke the unpredictable nature of ocean water, and the wooden element embodies that of a massive seafarer bound for an uncharted paradise to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

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