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Balangay Hotel El Nido



Private Client


3607.75 sq.m.


El Nido, Palawan


Masterplanning, Architecture and Interior Design


The Balangay Beach Hotel set high above the landscape built on elevated platforms in El-Nido Palawan. Designed to built without causing significant harm to the landscape as well as avoid flood level . Thus Creating connection between Architecture and Nature at the same time serves as vantage point to have a panoramic view of it’s environment.


​The Balangay El-Nido beach Hotel concept is adapted from Balangay Boat which our ancestry used before as dwelling unit at sea which serves as protection and living space from the harsh weather at sea.

The Buildings features local materials like bamboo slats that used as shutters for protection in open living spaces. This feature enables to penetrate as harsh wind coming from the sea and at the same time enables to admit light and air to enter the spaces.

One of the main features of the Project is the gable roof which was adapted from Balangay Boat. The Buildings faces the ocean like it was sailing towards the sea and it is made out of thatch Roof that serves as Protection against weather, with Sawali as ceiling.

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