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Social Commitment

The care and passion we commit to the work we do extends to our responsibilities to the wider world.  Educating the next generation about the built environment, and the social responsibility that comes with shaping it is something we feel passionately about.

Alongside the design work we do, we look to continuously push boundaries to improve the level of architecture and design in the Philippines and Southeast Asia as these have significant implications to the world we live in.

Each year, Plaza + Partners co-presents The Annual Anthology Festival, Southeast Asia's Largest Architecture and Design Festival. The festival serves as a platform to bring together various practitioners and stakeholders to increase awareness about the relevance of architecture and design in our urban societies.

Anthology began in June 2016 with over 2,000 guests and 65 leading built environment practitioners from seven countries. Now heading to its fifth year, Anthology has grown exponentially into a base of 5,000 attendees, 30 developers, government officials, professors and 70 leading local and foreign architects and urban planners from 25 different countries.

Rebecca Plaza shares how the Fourth Industrial Revolution can contribute to making cities more attractive for people and more efficient for business at the World Economic Forum.

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