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How We Work

There’s never a dull moment at Plaza + Partners.
We take pride in building a creative environment, where ideas flow endlessly without judgment or inhibitions, and where everyone is an equal contributor to our company’s claim to a better life.
We continously strive to improve after every milestone we accomplish, and ultimately deliver an economically and environmentally-conscious design solution that serves as a benchmark for what’s next to come.

The architecture we create is inspired by our passion to impact lives for the better.


Our designs are modern but are not borne of any particular house-style or preconceptions. We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and then respond creatively to deliver spaces which meet their needs but also excite and inspire them. Our buildings are identifiable through the quality of design, attention to detail, and thoroughness of thought. We make all of our projects special.


We do not consider our designs to be architecture until they are built. It is then that they have a real impact on people’s daily lives.

We recognize that construction is a team effort and we bring considerable experience of delivering complex projects in many varied sectors and locations. Throughout this process our acknowledged qualities of leadership can add value and motivate everyone involved. For us, design continues through all stages of project delivery and we solve problems by bringing our creative energy to the fore, delivering cost effective solutions to our clients’ briefs.

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Sustainable innovation has been a founding principle of the practice, and is fully integrated into our design process. Our approach to design is driven by the fundamental belief that sustainability should not compromise function or beauty. Good design should be informed by an ambition to improve efficiency and reduce the building’s carbon footprint and consequently the impact on climate change. No building, space or place can be considered well designed if it does not positively contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability. 


The involvement of the community in the architectural design process is of utmost importance, as it ensures that the resulting structures not only meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the users but also reflect the values, aspirations, and cultural identity of the community itself. By engaging the community, architects can gain invaluable insights into the local context, historical significance, and social dynamics that shape the built environment. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride among community members, as they become active participants in shaping the spaces they inhabit.

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