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CFI Co-operative Co-Living



Cebu CFI Community Cooperative


12,350 sq.m


Brgy. Carreta, Cebu City



Dormitories are the mainstay choice for college students to reside in during the course of their education, especially those living in far provinces with long travel times. It has become one of the solutions for students to ease this burden and focus more on their studies. Strategically located along an easily accessible major thoroughfare in Quezon City, it can cater to students and professionals alike.

From ground to roof deck, it uses a special cold-formed steel framing technology, making this project one of a kind. Not only did we use this for structural means, but also for aesthetics. The louvers placed on the façade are cold-formed steel as well.

The aim is to design a home away from home experience with warm and homey interiors but not compromising the functionality of the dormitory units. Maximizing the storage space allowable in each unit allows each user to live peacefully in a clutter-free environment.
Improving user experience through interior design not only makes the targeted users happy, but through design, they have more time to do more things and be more things.

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