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Fourth Anthology Festival Opens

Hosted by Plaza + Partners, the annual 3-day event launches at Fort Santiago in Intramuros.

Impact Architecture

This year's theme is "Impact" - it is about using the world of architectural creativity and imagination in the development of long-term, sustainable solutions to catalyze urban development, social inclusion, and cultural vibrancy. The theme aims to focus on the role of architects in inspiring a design-led approach with impactful value to address political, social, environmental and economic imperatives to create better cities that influence responsive buildings and stronger societies.

Internationally Renowned Speakers

This year's line up is stronger than ever before. Joining us are the following:

  • Aaron Betsky

  • Qingyun Ma of MADA Spam

  • Tezuka Takaharu

  • Ole Scheeren

Full information is available at the official website:


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