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The Architect’s Vision: Rebecca Plaza On The Intersection Of Urban Design And Societal Progress

February 14, 2020

Lifestyle Asia

PA Team photo.jpg

In this hyperactive age where cities are packed way past the brim with life and people hustling about, it was nice to see a change within the quiet walls of the storied Intramuros. The world seemed to take a slower pace as I observe a young woman prepare for her cover shoot from a glance, the suits and accessories all laid out on a table in the quaint Batala Bar. Although it began raining sometime during the early stage of the shoot, Rebecca Plaza remains poised as she walks around the old yet well-maintained Casa Manila, following the photographer’s directions with enthusiasm. In-between trying to find shelter from the rain and pleasant conversations, Rebecca is indeed a woman who continuously leads a meaningful life beyond the face of a rousing powerhouse within the architecture and design industry.

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