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Anthology Fest 2019 to Touch on Impact of Architecture on Modern Living

January 31, 2019

Philippine Tatler

PA Team photo.jpg

"Architecture matters" is the point that the people behind the annual Anthology Architecture and Design Festival want to drive home this year, particularly now that infrastructure projects seem to be rising everywhere - a phenomenon that has been bolstered further by the Philippine government's "Build, Build, Build" imperative.

Indeed, Impact Architecture, the theme of this year's festival, is centered on the relevance of architecture and urban design throughout the world, but most especially on the daily lives of Filipinos living in the Greater Manila Area. As such, it means to focus on how architects can inspire a design-led approach with impactful value to create and grow better cities. Likewise, it aims to encourage the use of creativity and impagination to catalyse urban development, social inclusion, and cultural vibrancy - a key point in the Philippines in light of the way many historically important structures have been demolished in recent years to make way for residential blocks or commercial structures.

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