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Design & Architecture



Full Time


  • Drive conceptual design outcomes in the studio, with a strong sense of design leadership.

  • Day-to-day running of the interiors department including allocation and delegation of team members.

  • Programming and monthly monitoring and reports of resource plans across varying projects.

  • Client liaison including presentations to existing and new clients.

  • Leadership guidance to the interior team and the ability to mentor younger staff.

  • Formulates design concepts, develop design directions of project director and compile design packages

  • Coordinates drawings and work with consultants, clients and contractors

  • Supervises the preparation of contract documents, plans, drawings, schemes, studies and layouts


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or Interior Design

  • At least four (4) years of work experience

  • Proven experience and expertise across various interior design typologies and implementation.

  • The ability to maintain client relationships and have strong creative and technical skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with exceptional verbal and written communication ability.

  • Highly organised and adaptable with proven management skills to lead projects and teams.

  • Ability to take a client brief including facilitating workshops or interviews and preparation of strategic briefs.

  • Ability to develop design into all work stages of the project including brief, concept, developed design, technical design construction, to practical completion - and lead others to produce this work.

  • Ability to identify, manage and resolve project risks.

  • Creative sensibility and strong attention to detail.

Place ‘Senior Interior Designer Application’ as the reference in the subject heading.

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